SaddleUp Management Co. 

When we say we can step in and Saddle Up for your company, what does that really mean?  Well, here's what we can do:

Customer Profiling

Our strength is in helping clients enter markets and increase their global presence across Canada, in the U.S., Europe, Mexico and the Caribbean. That all starts with knowing who your customers are or who they could be. You need to know where they are, how they buy now, what they buy now (competitive intelligence) key marketing channels, promotion strategies, communications, and service expectations. Think about your own situation, you are somebody's customer and you buy things. Why do you buy what you do, why do you shop at certain stores, what are you willing to pay, and what marketing captures your attention? Knowing who your customers are is the key to growing your business.

Market Intelligence

So you have an idea who might be interested in what you do. Next, let's figure out what markets are going to offer the greatest promise. Market intelligence will get you the information you need to plan for market entry. From cultural considerations that can affect product adaptations and packaging to leveraging global logistics and value chains, understanding pricing strategies, and customer engagement strategies, selling into different markets requires a solid understand of the market. All business development requires a solid understanding of your product, price, promotions and placement to your customers. Our experience in service and product based sectors is deep and we have a proven track record in getting companies into key markets.   

Lead Generation

Once we know who your customers are and how best to approach them we assist in getting you qualified leads to pitch your product or service. We understand you still want to manage the sales process, and there is no one who knows your product or service better than you do. But you don't want to waste time getting to customers with the greatest potential. 

This process empowers you to direct your talents where you have the greatest strengths enabling you to focus on growing your company. Just like hiring accountants and lawyers - you need to do what you are best at and let experts handle the areas where you need help. Our core strength is in international trade and global business development. But on top of that we are seasoned media and public relations professionals and very adept project managers. Some have said we are a Jack of All Trades, and really good at everything we do.

It's a pretty broad range of services and we get that. What it really means is you have exceptional talent getting projects done to move your business forward in ways you never imagined.  

Ready to have us Saddle Up for you?

We'd welcome the chance to connect, get those headaches off your desk and get you focused where you need to be.


Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.


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